2 Apps to Download Today!

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Are you looking for a few new apps to add to your collection? Maybe apps that'll help you with your vegan/cruelty-free lifestyle changes? Well, you've come to the right place!

I've picked two apps that I really like and want to share with y'all today.


HappyCow Vegan / Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

I've been a member of HappyCow since 2013 and I love it! I even have my boyfriend download it too! It's Yelp but for vegan/vegetarian restaurants!

Whenever I travel I always use HappyCow to find local vegan restaurants near me and it's really come in handy. In May my boyfriend and I drove from California to Texas and during the whole trip I used HappyCow to find restaurants whenever we stopped. Although we didn't stop much (he wants to drive as much as he could), we were able to find restaurant in Tuscon, Arizona called Lovin' Spoonfuls and it was AMAZING!

If you're only going to download one of these apps, I'd say go with downloading HappyCow.

Download NOW!


Good On You - Ethical Fashion App

Good On You is an app I just recently found that is just as awesome as HappyCow but for fashion!

If you truly care about where your clothes come from, I suggest downloading Good On You.

I know it's easy to just pop into any local clothing retail stores to grab something cheap and convenient but have you ever thought about the people making your clothes? Those stores are considered "fast fashion" stores and workers typically work in horrible environments that can be filthy and unsafe. They are paid next to nothing and don't have any benefits. It's heartbreaking and if you don't want to contribute to the high demand of fast fashion items, do your research and only purchase from ethically sourced and made retailers. There are so many out there and with a quick internet search, you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Another suggestion, if you can't afford to pay for new ethical items, go check your local thrift stores. The sale of those items go directly back to the thrift store or to charities which is basically a win-win! You get a cute item and your money doesn't directly pay for fast fashion.

Download NOW!

So, those are two of my favorite apps that I highly recommend you download TODAY! They're super handy to have and I honestly use them both regularly.

What are your favorite vegan/ethical based apps and have you tried either HappyCow or Good On You before? If so, let me know what you thought in a comment below!


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