Podcast of the month: June 2017

So, turns out I couldn't stay away from my blog for very long. It was nice feeling like I didn't have to update/post anything but I miss it. I miss writing and I miss just being here. Even if I don't have any readers, like people that come back to see what or if I've posted, I still love it! I just pretend that people are reading what I'm writing ;)

Anyway, I'm back with another podcast of the month. I've really been into mystery and murder podcasts. Is that weird? Probably not but I'm not too sure how many of y'all are into the same thing. Maybe you want to try listening to something new so I'm sharing with you not just ONE but THREE podcast!!

Here we go!

updated skin products

I've been giving this whole blogging thing a lot of thought lately. I basically have an idea of what I want to do with my life career wise but I still dream of being a real life paid blogger. I think that would be pretty dope. Anyway, while I've been trying to figure out my life, I've started running, doing yoga, eating breakfast, and loving myself. Since I've been practicing a couple new self love things,  my acne has really started to clear up and I've even added a few new products to the mix, ditched an old favorite, and kept a few oldies.

New to the mix:

WIAT #3: June 13, 2017

Curious about what I eat on a normal study day? Well, you've come to the right place!

WIAT #2: June 5, 2017

Hello sweet readers,

Last week I wanted to kick off my new #makeitvegan series with a recreation of the Cheddar Corn Fritters by Buzzfeed but unfortunately, life happened I never got around to it. I originally planned on posting on June 1st, then on I pushed it to June 2nd, and now it's June 5th and I still haven't even purchased the ingredients I still need. Now my biology class started and it's going to take up even more of my time so I'll try my best to get that new series going. I'm so sorry for the delay if you were actually looking forward to that.

Anyway, for today I'm going to do a What I Ate Today post and hopefully you find this interesting.