Soy-Free Vegan Protein

I think the number one thing I always got asked when switched to a vegan lifestyle and even after I made the switch was, "But, where do you get your protein?". That's also the number one question you might get asked as well so prep your answers now! Some people have a soy allergy and/or soy intolerance and finding other plant protein sources might be tricky if you're not sure. So, besides eating tofu, tempeh, and other soy based products, I've made a simple list to share with you other sources of vegan protein sources.

Podcast of the Month: May 2017

After listening to several different podcasts in the last month or two, I was still struggling to decide which podcast I wanted to share with y'all for the month of May.

Several of the podcasts I was regularly listening to mentioned one particular podcast that apparently was amazing! I told myself I would listen to it but weeks went by and I still hadn't listened. This past weekend was my birthday, my younger sister came into town to surprise me and lo and behold, little miss Mary mentioned she also listened to this particular podcast and that I should definitely get on that ASAP!

So, here I am telling you about this podcast that everyone is listening to, including myself.

Which podcast am I referring to?

Dairy is Scary! + Dairy-Free Food Alternatives

More and more people are becoming aware that cows milk is actually bad for us. If you think about it, it actually makes sense. Mama cows make milk for baby cows just like human mamas make milk for baby humans. See, it's that simple! Consume the milk that's made for your species and once your old enough to live without it, switch to plant-based milk! 

If you need more convincing, keep on reading!