Get to Know Me! [23 Facts About Me]

For my birthday this year I thought I'd share a little more about me. I've read a few of these while browsing different blogs and they are actually pretty interesting.

I decided to share 23 things about myself, since I'm turning 23 years old today! I had a little bit of a hard time coming  up with this list but I really hope you find this enjoyable and informative.

Why Cruelty-Free?

I truly believe that it's unethical to test anything on animals.

Weither it's cosmetics, medicine, cigarets, tampons, paint, or even non-toxic vegan products.

Why Vegan? + Vegan Food Alternatives

First of all, why not?

What's holding you back from making a positive lifestyle change?

Is it your health, convenience, taste buds, culture, religion, lack of motivation to change, or maybe you're just not as informed as you'd like to be?

I get it. Although I was pumped when I decided that I wanted to follow a vegan lifestyle, I still had a lot of questions. I didn't know very much about it and I still wanted to make sure I would be healthy and happy while helping the animals, planet, and myself. There were also a lot of foods I thought I wouldn't be able to give up so maybe veganism wasn't the life for me.

But, here's the greatest thing about this lifestyle, there are so many vegan alternatives! Just by Googling "vegan alternatives" I found a bunch of results so it's really not that hard.

So, why vegan? Because not only are you helping your own health, you're saving so many innocent animals and our dying planet. 

If you want more reasons to go vegan, keep reading!

Podcast of The Month: April 2017

Have you ever heard of Rachel Brathen? You know, the Yoga Girl? If you're on Instagram and never heard of the Yoga Girl, WHY?!

She has the coolest yoga Instagram ever! All kinds of inversions and yoga videos, beautiful captions, an adorable baby, cute dog named Ringo The Gringo, she saves animals in Aruba, and honestly she's just an overall superhero!

So something super exciting happened!